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Phone Calls and SEO

Today, almost everyone owns at least one phone. While we may know of a few, we tend to know more people who have phones. Our phones are important to us for many reasons. Making calls, for example, was one of the major needs cell phones were created to meet. 

As a social species, we like to keep tabs, talk and communicate with others. 

In businesses, phones are key. A phone call could mean a new client / or the sale of products/services. It could mean a booking or reservation or a way to achieve perfect customer satisfaction. Its possibilities are endless. 

It is good for any business out there to keep track of how their phone conversations go with clients. 
  • Hello there, do you have car rentals equipped with amenities for a passenger in a wheelchair?
  • Hi, are your luxury rooms available for the weekend? 
  • How much would a standard package cost?
Questions like these mean a lot, and consumers expect quick and accurate responses. Knowing how you perform here can become a compass pointing to what needs you should be meeting and how to improve your brand to perform better. 

How To Measure Calls To Your Business via Google My Business

GMB insight measures the call data by counting the number of clicks we have on the 'call' button in the GMB profile. 

On your profile, click 'calls,' and you should be able to see calls via the GMB listings in the selected time frame. 

How To Measure Calls to Your Business Via Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, we can gather data on how many phone calls and direct visits were from the GMB profile. As long as we have the UTM tagging in place, we can work to achieve our set up goals and events. 

To see the data on calls, we have added an event to help track the number of clicks on the call option using Google Tag Manager. It is also important that you remember to set up an accompanying goal in Google Analytics. 

To see the results, select only GMB traffic in the campaign data, add a filter as the campaign name. If done correctly, you should be able to see the number of website visitors that came to your site through GMB. 

From the conversions column, you can select the appropriate goal and select the goal which describes calls from the GMB. You should see a figure; let's say 1,000 or 5,000 phone calls from people who came to a random website after they found the business via its business profile on Google Maps and Google Search.

The third method of tracking phone calls will be with a tracking provider. As a very important source of information, other third-party developers created tools to help you track this metric. You can use any certified third-party tool to add those metrics into the mix.


If you own a business that sells products online, it is likely that the visitors from GMB would make purchases. These sales can be categorized as organic or direct sales depending on where the visitor came from, their browser or app, or the device they're using.

As we are trying to improve a website's performance at the international and local level, we want to make sure visitors are purchasing from GMB. We want to be able to show the revenue our services are generating. 

We want to be able to show our clients the monetary benefit that comes with paying for our services and trusting in us. 

How to measure revenue via Google My Business in Google Analytics

With UTM tagging, you will need to have e-commerce tracking operating. On your profile, click on campaigns and apply a filter that only shows traffic from GMB. 

In the conversions column, select e-commerce. You should see a sheet showing which revenues were generated directly from the inbound traffic from the GMB profile if you want to see the full value of the GMB and how it has improved the revenue as part of the conversion journey. This is particularly helpful when you're considering customers who converted using a different channel. Assisted conversions are where you will find this data. 

Total Business Profile Interactions

Let's go back to understand the important actions visitors take on a business profile. GMB insights currently provide metrics to help SEO experts track the activity of visitors or potential visitors on their GMB profiles. 

You can see metrics like:
  • Number of users who made a phone call (we discussed this point earlier on)
  • How frequently did a visitor send a message? 
  • Directions 
  • Bookings made 
  • Website clicks
These metrics can tell you a lot about how users see and relate to your brand. We can use the data gathered to evaluate GMB performance. We hope to see an increase in activity which will mean your GMB is doing better. But like with any reporting, how the data is understood is key. 

Was the rise seasonal as a result of a public holiday or national celebration? What causes these peaks? Do these peaks represent a win for the business? For example, there could be an increase in the 'directions' button on your GMB profile by protesting consumers. And that isn't a good sign. 

Other Goals and Events You Should Remember

No two businesses are exactly alike. We've covered some critical KPIs we track to see how our clients are trending. 

Based on the charter goals, we have established specific goals that are important to the business, and we can work towards achieving them. With a robust measurement framework, you should have these metrics set up as goals in Google Analytics. 

As international and local marketers, we need to study how our actions contribute to these conversions. We can collect all the data we need using Google Analytics. 

Under Campaigns, select All Campaigns > Filter by GMB > all goals. This will show the total number of conversions as a result of the elements of GMB in the selected time frame. 

Keep scrolling the result to see how GMB contributed to those conversions. 


A business could take on so many forms. It could have one location or several; it might be a typical store or a multi-million enterprise. Regardless of how it appears, measuring the impact of local marketing efforts on the bottom line is essential.  Without it, any report to demonstrate the ROI your client makes is incomplete. As their service provider, it is your duty to deliver complete and accurate reports regardless of what it says. 

These common KPIs should show you how your campaigns are performing. If all the tools or features we mentioned sound alien to you, kindly contact us, and Semalt will be happy to provide assistance. 

As the client or the SEO professional in charge, you want to make sure you benchmark your performance before your marketing efforts can match their true potential. We can get those phones ringing and keep those orders flowing. Contact us to change the course of your business.